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Chelsey Tattersall

Student at Ringwood S.CMelbourne

Hey! From the Reporters Academy I have learnt a lot of new skills and found my strengths. I enjoy making films on programs Final Cut Pro and iMovie and adding music, effects, slowing clips down and...

About This Base

The Melbourne Reporters' Academy is based in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne, with our crew being made up of students from secondary schools within the Maroondah Education Coalition (MEC). The Melbourne Reporters’ Academy began in March 2011, and has provided crew members with opportunities to learn about journalism and the media, as well as practical experience in reporting on the world around us.

Our base is currently developing its own magazine called the Maroondah RAP, (Reporters' Academy paper) which is written by and targets young people within our local area. We hope to use this paper to engage with our local community, further develop our crew members writing skills and to give them real practical experience in magazine editing.

At the Reporters' academy we aim to make a difference in the lives of young people by providing them with fantastic opportunities they may not otherwise get. In March 2012 The Reporters' Academy Melbourne will undertake its first international tour, taking six crew members to Fiji to attend the Pacific Island News Agency (PINA) Summit and begin production of video biographies of Fijian athletes going to the London Olympics in July/August.

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Edwina Ricci - TRA Melbourne Director +61(0)425533118 ricci.edwina.j@edumail.vic.gov.au


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So we have just arrived at Heathrow Airport, and it is finally setting in that we are in London, what a surreal feeling. You never really come to grips with the fact that your families aren’t a 15...

Day 1 of our amazing journey, an adventure we will surely never forget. I mean, how could we? How many 16 year olds get to go to London to report on the Olympic Games? We get up nice and early and...

It’s the last day here in Cairns; we are all emotionally, mentally and physically wrecked. But there is a definite feeling of accomplishment and pride among us. We got to sleep in till 8:00am this...

Waking up at 6:00am doesn’t get any easier no matter how long you do it for. Especially when you have had only 4 hours sleep. But we had to be better than that; we had to perform at our peak all...

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